Please review our contract before scheduling an appointment.

1. Clementine sells women’s clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories (henceforth, collectively referred to as “clothes”) on consignment. We set the price at our discretion, based on condition and popularity of the brand. We do not charge a fee to consign with us. You (the consignor) receive 50% of the final selling price.

2. Clementine offers a 60-day consignment period. Each item may follow a different schedule based on when it goes on the sales floor or is listed online. Typically your clothes sell as follows: first 30 days=full price; next 15 days=50% off; last 15 days=75% off. We reserve the right to discount or donate your clothes without notice if they are damaged or out of season before your consignment period ends. We also reserve the right to temporarily discount or include your clothes in “special offers,” in store or online, at our discretion and without prior notice, if it will give your clothes a greater chance to sell. 

3. As the consignor, you warrant you are the lawful owner of your clothes and legally entitled to sell them. You warrant you are selling your personal clothes and not operating a business. 

4. Clementine only sells authentic merchandise. Upon request, you are responsible for verifying the authenticity of an item, or we will not sell it. We cooperate to the fullest extent of the law regarding “fakes” and unlawful ownership of merchandise. If we determine an item is not authentic, you accept the risk that it may be confiscated. 

5. Once we review your clothes, we will call you to pick up your passes (clothes we can’t sell) within 48 hours. Unclaimed clothes are donated after 48 hours. (It is your responsibility to update your phone number on file, ensure your voicemail is set up and your mailbox is not full). We do not return clothes mailed to us. You are responsible for notifying us—before we review your clothes—if you want to pick up your passes. 

6. Clementine reserves the right to sell your clothes in any of our affiliated stores and online channels at our discretion to give them a greater chance to sell. This does not change any of these consignment terms.

7. PAYOUTS: You are responsible for checking your account balance and requesting payment. (We suggest waiting 4-6 weeks after we review your clothes to give them a chance to sell.) We pay out on Mondays if you request payment by the previous Friday. You also may use your earnings towards a store purchase in Clementine or our sister store Ashby. All purchases made using store credit are final sale. 

8. CHECKS: If you request a check, you may pick it up, or we’ll mail it for a small service fee to cover mailing costs. Checks not deposited within 6 months are subject to a reissue fee if refused by your bank. If your check is lost or stolen, you are responsible for all bank fees. We do not write checks under $15, unless you are closing your account. A balance less than $15 will carry over to your next consignment period. Checks not picked up within 180 days will be voided, and the amount will be added back to your account less a $25 service fee.

9. INACTIVE ACCOUNTS: An account with no activity after 5 years is considered an “Inactive Account”. Any balance remaining on an Inactive Account is subject to remittance to the Virginia Unclaimed Property program. We may deduct a $45 fee from an Inactive Account to cover costs related to account investigation and/or unclaimed property processing. Although we will do our best to contact you, it is your responsibility to check on your account and update your contact information.

10. UNSOLD/DONATED ITEMS: In an effort to reduce waste and support a circular economy, we work directly with local nonprofits and textile recyclers to ensure unclaimed/unsold/donated clothes are given to women who truly need them and to keep them out of landfills. Clothes remaining on your account at the end of your consignment period will be sold in Ashby’s buy-by-the-pound bathtub. (100% of the tub’s profits are donated to local charities.) We do not make arrangements for you to pick up your unsold clothes. Any requests to pick them up are subject to a $15 service fee. For tax purposes, you may request a list of your donated clothes at the end of the calendar year.

11. All items are left in our stores at your own risk. Clementine, Ashby, Clover, Clementine Consignments LLC, their affiliates and their employees cannot be held responsible for losses related to fire, theft, vandalism, pandemics or natural disasters.

12. Clementine reserves the right to terminate or assign this contract at any time and without notice.